SHAMS Free Zone Activity List

SHAMS Free Zone Activity List


Are you thinking of establishing a business in the SHAMS free zone? Before you do so, it is important for you to check out the SHAMS free zone activity list. Given below is a list of activities permitted in the SHAMS free zone.

Media and publishing activities:

SHAMS Free Zone activity list encompasses a broad spectrum of media and publishing activities. Whether you are involved in print media, digital publishing, broadcasting, or content creation, SHAMS provides a strategic platform for businesses to flourish. Tailoring your business strategy to align with these activities positions your venture at the forefront of the media land in the UAE.

Advertising and marketing sector:

For entrepreneurs in the advertising and marketing sector, SHAMS offers a conducive environment. The free zone’s activity list includes advertising and marketing services, providing opportunities for businesses to thrive in this vibrant industry. Crafting a business strategy that caters to the advertising and marketing activities within SHAMS can lead to significant growth and visibility.

Film and TV production:

SHAMS Free Zone is a magnet for film and TV production companies. The activity list specifically includes film and TV production, making it an ideal destination for businesses in the entertainment industry. Tailoring your business strategy to capitalize on the film and TV production activities within SHAMS opens doors to collaboration, creativity, and international exposure.

Music and performing arts:

Entrepreneurs in the music and performing arts sector can find their niche in SHAMS. The free zone’s activity list recognizes music and performing arts activities, offering a vibrant space for creative expression. Aligning your business strategy with these activities allows your venture to contribute to the cultural land of the UAE and beyond.

Software development and IT services:

SHAMS Free Zone extends its reach to technology-driven businesses. The activity list includes software development and IT services, attracting entrepreneurs in the tech industry. Tailoring your business strategy to cater to the technology sector within SHAMS positions your venture at the intersection of creativity and innovation.

Event management and exhibition services:

SHAMS recognizes the significance of event management and exhibition services. Businesses in this sector can thrive within the free zone’s vibrant environment. Crafting a business strategy that aligns with event management and exhibition services enables entrepreneurs to capitalize on the growing demand for experiential marketing and events.