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What Are Pre Rolled Joints?

Pre-Rolled Joints are just that – rather than rolling your own, you can purchase joints pre-filled and rolled. The option designed by dispensaries and cannabis brands, to make flower more convenient for on the go use. To learn moe about how much THC you’ll consume from joints.

To make a pre-roll, cannabis is simply rolled into a paper joint,or into a pre-shaped cone.

Often with a filter for smoother hits, and a cleaner taste. Pre rolled joints usually come in single quantities, but some brands do offer packs, similar to cigarettes.

What Is In A Pre Roll?

Pre-rolls have a bad reputation that’s wholly undeserved. You may have heard from other cannabis enthusiasts that pre-rolled joints aren’t worth buying because they don’t contain high-quality cannabis. In a way, that description is understandable—or, at least, it was. When they first became a thing, it wasn’t uncommon for budtenders and other purveyors of pre-rolled joints to mix flowers with trim, i.e., the stems, leaves, and cast-offs.

Unfortunately, some dispensaries still fill their pre-rolls with trim. However, it’s not hard to weed out those places. It may mean biting the bullet and trying out pre-rolls from different dispensaries in your area, but remember, that’s the convenience of ready-made joints: you can try a little before you buy a significant amount.

Reputable vendors rely on high-quality cannabis and well-reviewed strains. Moreover, the best budtenders offer variety. Not only can you choose from an endless assortment of strains, but you can also opt for indica, sativa, or a hybrid of the two, depending on your needs and symptoms. Trustworthy tenders will also listen to your concerns and what you need from your cannabis. Whether you shop at a bricks-and-mortar dispensary or browse an online store, feel free to ask questions and stay curious. You can do it in person or via customer service. Ask the vendors what they use in their pre-rolls and whether they’re worth the time or trouble. Rest assured that shops listed above are thoroughly vetted.

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